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Sala Rossa 16 nov 2011 2

A Traquen’Art presentation, in collaboration with Cross Current Music, the eight musicians and special guests of L’Orkestre des Pas Perdus will perform on stage on Wednesday, November 16th at La Sala Rossa, 4848 in St-Laurent, at 8:30 pm. (doors open at 8:00 pm.). O.P.P. will present compositions from their new album, L’Âge du cuivre (CCM 3002/Distribution Outside), released on October 3rd. The group Sharcüt will be the opening act.

Founded in 1993 by Claude St-Jean, composer, musical director, leader and trombonist of the group, this brass band emerges once more to propel us a hundred leagues from the pastoral, in an evening with its lot of surprises, finesse, solid solos and virtuosity. The composer’s universe is characterized by inventive rhythms, imaginative turns and melodies carried by instrumentalists at the peak of their art. Members of the O.P.P. come from the jazz scene, world music, pop and musique actuelle/improvisational mussic backgrounds. They are:

Claude St-Jean, trombone, musical director
Marc Villiard, alto saxophone
Yves Turgeon, tenor saxophone
Roberto Murray, baritone saxophone
Maxime St Pierre, trumpet
Joël Brouillette, french horn
Philippe Legault, tuba
Martin Auguste, drums
Special guest: Rémi Leclerc, percussions, electronic gizmo’s

The stylistic allusions are numerous, freely inspired by jazz, funk, prog-rock, film soundtrack. The structures and arrangements of L’Orkestre des Pas Perdus are rich and surprising, the result is amazing and allows us to see as much as to hear: everyone will create his own film, one hundred frames a second!

Opening act Sharcüt, a rock-instrumental-ambient-abrasive trio influenced by King Crimson and Miles Davis, is composed of Daniel Baillargeon on guitar, Francis Lessard on bass and Daniel Bedard on drums.

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