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YASMIN LEVY • לוי יסמין The fascinating encounter of the purity of Judaeo-Spanish Ladino and the sacred fire of flamenco
Théâtre Outremont
1248 Bernard West




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Acclaimed in Europe, designated by the highly respected London newspaper The Guardian as the a future World Music superstar, Israeli ladino/flamenco singer Yasmin Levy launches her upcoming North American tour at the Théâtre Outremont on February 9th 2012 at 8:30 PM.

Daughter of Yitzhak Levy, the brilliant composer, cantor and musicologist who spent his life recording and preserving the Ladino/Sephardic song tradition that was passed down orally for nearly 500 years, Yasmin Levy has emerged in her own singular and unique way with the music. Revisiting her father’s research, she imbues her approach to the disappearing language with flourishes of flamenco, some jazz and Middle Eastern accents, writing original compositions and adapting others in a modern, appealing fashion, making her work undeniably contemporary and particularly human. Intense, spiritual, inspiring, the artist and her songs are an ode to solidarity, a call to fraternal reconciliation.

Described variously as a brilliantly talented singer with a deep, powerful sensuous voice, stunning in appearance and bearing, with an undeniable stage presence, and as an artist who sings with the heart and passion, Yasmin Levy has produced 4 albums in her 10 year career, with some 50 000 copies sold in Europe of Mano Suave.

Since 2008, Yasmin Levy has performed in some of the most prestigious halls in Asia, Europe, the USA, New Zealand and Australia, where she sold out the prestigious Sydney Opera House. Her latest recording, Sentir, launched in North America in January of 2011, assembles according to the vocalist her varied musical directions into a new artistic vision integrating the piano and enriched collaborations. Produced by the famous Spanish composer and record producer, Grammy winner Javier Limón (Buika, Diega El Cigala, Paco de Lucia, Mariza), the album reveals, among others, a remarkable ladino version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

“Take advantage of the opportunity to hear her now, before she becomes idolized in the manner of Cesaria Evora and other great artists whose voices seem to sing directly from their soul.” – San Francisco Examiner

“Levy is a vocal force with an undeniable stage presence. The audience loved her and a single note could bring tears to your eyes…Levy’s concert was a musical experience…” – Daily Planet, St. Paul, MN

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